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Welcome to The Counted API. This site provides a REST API for The Guardian's The Counted database.

About The Counted API

The Counted API is an API, or Application Programming Interface, for officer involved killings in the United States of America. The data is sourced from The Guardian's The Counted project. In plain english -- The Guardian keeps a spreadsheet of information about citizens killed by police in the United States. This website is a tool to let you access that information so that you can see it, make cool things with it, and share it.


There is just a single URL for this API. It returns a JSON. That URL is {{hereIAm}}api/counted. Making a get request to /api/counted will return the full set of officer involved killings this year. You can pass in arbitrary search key value pairs with the format {{hereIAm}}api/counted?key=value&key=value -- for example, for a list of all officer involved shootings in Connecticut, you would use : {{hereIAm}}api/counted/?state=CT. You will receive an array of all objects that match your search. All of the objects will have the following list of properties: Name, Address, Age, Armed, Cause, City, State, Day, Month, Year, Race, and Sex.

I definitely reccomend pulling the full data set -- it's not a huge get and it is preferable to making multiple parameterized calls.

Live Infographic

This is an example of a what you can do with this data. These numbers will change over time as the data in the database changes. Pick a year to begin.

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Total Dead: {{counted.length}}

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When do the shootings occur?

Which states kill the most?

The youngest person killed by police this year was {{youngest}} years old, and the oldest was {{oldest}} years old

% Killed by Race vs % of General Population by Race

*The US Census does not count Arab-Americans